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Nov 09, 2021


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Oct 12, 2021

City of Montreal   

Regular Monthly Meeting    

October 12, 2021   



Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Mayor Traczyk.    

Roll Call: Saari-present, Cummings-present, Thomas-present.   

It was verified by the Clerk that the Agenda had been properly posted.     

Motion by Saari, supported by Cummings to approve the Agenda as written. Motion Carried. All Ayes.     

 Motion by Saari, supported by Thomas to approve the Minutes for the Regular Monthly Meeting of July 13, 2021.   Motion Carried.  All  Ayes.    

Motion by Cummings, supported by Saari to approve the Financial Statement and Checks Written.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes.    

Mayor appointment for Councilmember Ward 2- Mayor Traczyk appointed  Ashley Sorrels to replace Traczyk’s position as Councilmember Ward 2. The term would end in April 2023.  Motion by Saari, supported by Cummings to approve the appointment.  All Ayes. 

Clerk Genisot swore in the new Councilmember Ashley Sorrels. 

Set Budget Workshop - The Budget workshop will be held on October 28, 2021, at 5:30 p.m. at the city hall. 

Set Fall Clean-Up Dates- Fall Clean-up will be held on Oct. 1st going through 31st, pending weather conditions.    

Review and Approve Reservoir Inspection Bid - A bid from Lane Tank Company to clean the Well reservoir for $3250 was submitted.  This cleaning is done every five years per WI DNR. Motion by Saari, supported by Thomas to approve the bid.  All Ayes. 

Review and Adopt Fire Prevention Inspection Ordinance – Currently, the inspections are done bi-annually. The ordinance will change the inspections to being completed annually.  Motion by Sorrels, supported by Cummings to adopt the ordinance.  All Ayes. 

Set Trick or Treating Hours - Trick or Treating in the City of Montreal will be held on Halloween, October 31st, Sunday from 3-6 p.m.   

Neighborhood Grant Investment- Mayor Traczyk discussed the Neighborhood Grant Investment.  She’s working on applying for this grant.  The grant is part of the Bounce Back Grants and provides an opportunity to apply for 1-15 million dollars for improving community development related to COVID recovery.   

Foreman Haeger's Report- Welcomes Ashley Sorrel to the council.   The equipment is getting winterized. Blacktop will be completed next week.  Ross Peterson construction will repair the water break on Wisconsin Ave.  

Public Comment- Comments and discussions took place regarding ATV speed limit signs, roads, sewer backup repairs, and building variance.   

Councilmember Comment- Saari- Welcome Ashley.    

Mayor Comment- Thank you Maleah for donating the paint for the interior of the City Hall and executing the painting project.  It was a lot of work.  Thank you. 

Roll Call Vote To Go Into Closed Session Pursuant To Section 19.85 (1) (C) To Consider  Employment, Promotion, Compensation Or Performance Evaluation Data Of Any Public Employee Which The Governmental Body Has Jurisdiction Or Exercise Responsibility.  Saari-Yes, Cummings- Yes, Sorrels-Yes, Thomas- Yes.  

Roll Call Vote Go Back Into Open Session - Saari-Yes, Cummings- Yes, Traczyk-Yes, Thomas- Yes.   Motion by Sarri, supported by Cummings to approve a 6month raise for Genisot and Mickelson.  All Ayes.

Motion by Thomas, supported by Saari to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. All Ayes.     

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.    


Lori Genisot    


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