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Apr 20, 2021


Montreal City Council Meeting

April 20, 2021


Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by Mayor Erik Guenard.

Roll Call: Saari-present, Cummings-present, Traczyk-present, Thomas-present,

It was verified by the Clerk that the Agenda had been posted at the City Hall, both the Montreal and Gile Post Offices, posted on the City of Montreal website, sent to the Iron County Miner and the two radio stations, WIMI and WUPM. 

Motion by Tracyzk, supported by Thomas to approve the Agenda as written. Motion Carried. All Ayes.

Amend the Minutes for the Regular Monthly Meeting of January 10, 2021.    The error in the minutes is in regard to Kurt Nasi’s garage.  The correction changes the square foot approval from 1000 square feet to 2880 square feet. 

Motion by Saari, supported by Thomas to approve the Minutes for the Regular Monthly Meeting of March 10, 2021.   Motion Carried.  All Ayes.

Motion by Thomas supported by Saari to approve the Financial Statement March and Checks Written for April 2021.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes

A discussion was held on the 2021 Audit Proposals. The City received proposals from WIPFLI, Kerber Rose, and Bauman Associates.  Bauman Associates proposal was the least expensive.  The current audit with WIPFLI is six months behind schedule.  Traczyk feels the proposals aren’t comparable and would like a presentation from WIPFLI.  She would like further explanation from WIPFLI on what can be done by the City to reduce the fees.  Tabled until next month.

A Transportation Utility fee was discussed. A transportation utility distributes the costs of the transportation system to users based on usage of the system.  This will be discussed further in May.  Cummings would like the representative from MSA, Jeff Seamandel, to be at the May meeting to explain all the details with the Transportation Utility Fee.


There is some misinformation within the council.  Beginning with the storm of 2016. The only damage the City received from the storm was road damage.  There wasn’t any damage done to the wells.  There was nothing resulting from the storm that caused Hurley to stop buying water from Montreal.  The City of Hurley’s reduction of water purchased was due to a quality issue at the entry point of their system.  The back up on Ohio happened in 2018 due to ball of roots in the main.  The City is waiting on cold patch to repair the pot holes.  An ad hasn’t been placed in the paper for bids on a mower yet.  We will be cutting grass soon and need a mower.  To date 15 meters have been repaired or replaced. Picked up brush and litter, cleaned sewer main, cleaned street gutters, maintained the Sewer Vac truck, and repaired a water break. The work has begun on the restrooms at the Gile Park.  The Fire Dept. received a donation of a truck from Enbridge pipeline.  The Fire Dept. will sell the 1990 truck.  The Department is requesting that the money received from the sale of the 1990 truck be invested into the donated truck. 

CORRESPONDENCE- A thank you was received from Gary Morzenti.   The request for a donation from Hurley Area Youth Softball & Baseball will be put on the May agenda.

PUBLIC COMMENT-.  Comments and discussions took place in regard to road repair, possible grants for road repair, litter pickup, blight, variances and ordinances.

COUNCILMEMBER COMMENT-Traczyk and Cummings apologized to Mark concerning an article in the paper . 

MAYOR COMMENT-There is some issues with infrastructure, but we have made good progress these last couple years.  The City is selling more water to Hurley.  Due to a donation, the City was able to reroute storm sewers.  The City is making progress with the water system, but it will take time to move forward.  Thankful for all that has been accomplished.   

Motion by Saari supported by Thomas to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. All Ayes.  Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.


Lori Genisot


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