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Selected Meeting Minutes
Jun 08, 2021

City of Montreal

Regular Monthly Meeting

  June 8, 2021


Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by Mayor Erik Guenard.

Roll Call: Saari-present, Cummings-present, Traczyk-present, Thomas-present,

It was verified by the Clerk that the Agenda had been properly posted.Motion by Saari, supported by Tracyzk to approve the Agenda as written. Motion Carried. All Ayes.

Motion by Saari, supported by Thomas to approve the Minutes for the Regular Monthly Meeting of May 11, 2021.   Motion Carried.  All Ayes.

Motion by Thomas supported by Traczyk to approve the Financial Statement for May  and Checks Written for June 2021.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes

Discussion and Action on Audit Proposals – Motion by Saari, supported by Thomas to accept the audit proposal from Kerber Rose Audit Service.  Motion carried. All Ayes.

Discussion and Action on Assessor Contract- Motion by Thomas, supported by Traczyk to approve the two year contract from North Country Assessment Services.  Motion carried. All Ayes.

Review and Action on Liquor License- Motion by Saari, supported by Traczyk to approve Liquor Licenses pending payment of delinquent water/sewer bills and property taxes. Motion carried. All Ayes

Review and Action Operator License- Motion by Thomas, supported by Cummings to approve Operator Licenses for Ricardo Luna and Juanita Hellen.  Motion carried. All Ayes

Review and Adopt CMAR Resolution – Motion by Saari, supported by Thomas to adopt the CMAR Resolution -060821. Motion carried. All Ayes

Discussion on Infrastructure- The City will receive COVID relief funds. A committee meeting should be held to discuss options for grant money.   Guenard will contact Jeff form MSA for a date of when income surveys would need to be sent to the residents.  An advertisement for volunteers for committee meetings will be placed in the Iron County Miner.   The City would like community involvement in the committee meetings. 

Discussion on Blight control- There’s a lot of construction and improvements taking place, but there is also a rise in blight.  The code enforcement officer is working on resolving the blight issue in the city.  A long lawn violation notice will be sent out to residents with grass longer than 8 inches.   The violation notice will give the residents five days to mow and on the sixth day a professional lawn care service will be hired and the resident will be billed for the service. 

Discuss and Action on Public Meeting Dates for Transportation Utility Fee- A dollar amount will need to be figured out before a public meeting is set.  The City will have a committee meeting to discuss the next steps in the transportation utility fee. The Street Committee meeting will be June 22 at 5:30 PM.   

FOREMAN REPORT- Jesse did a lot of cold patch road repair and brush pick up. 

Mark was on vacation, so Jesse took care of the last week of spring clean-up.  The summer help started.  The City received one of the new mowers. One fire hydrant was changed.  The hydrants will be flushed.  There is a water break on Oshkosh Gile. They had a meeting with the DNR to discuss the sanitary survey.  The City will receive the report in a month.    



PUBLIC COMMENT- Comments and discussions took place in regard to brush, road repair, litter pickup, blight, and building variance.


 MAYOR COMMENT- Appreciate all the improvements made in the city. 

Motion by Thomas supported by Traczyk to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. All Ayes.  Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.



Lori Genisot





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