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Jul 10, 2018







                                                        Regular City Council Meeting Held


                                                                    July 10, 2018


In attendance: Steve Fiene, Mark Supernant, Paul Jahnson, Anne and Mike Manzanares, Steve Schrutter, Joe Schaeffer, Chris Saari, Dave Martinson, Ross and Aiden Leinon, Stan Mrozinski, Dale Wicklund, Maleah Cummings, Monica Kutz, Aaron Bender, Heather Sbraggia.


Meeting called to order at 5:30 P.M. by Mayor Erik Guenard.


 Roll Call: Berglund-Present, Maslanka-Present, Leoni-Present, Levra- Present.


It was attested by the Clerk that the Agenda had been posted at the City Hall, Montreal and Gile Post Office, the two local radio stations, City of Montreal Website, Iron County Miner.  


Motion by Leoni, supported Maslanka to approve the Agenda as written. Motion Carried. All Ayes.


Motion by Maslanka, supported by Leoni to approve the Minutes for the Regular Monthly Meeting of June 12, 2018.   Motion Carried.  All Ayes.


Motion by Levra, supported by Leoni to approve the June Financial Statement and bills written for July.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes



                                                                       General Account





Cash on Hand June 1, 2018                                                                                                      117,289.92    

Receipts                                                                                                                                          36,047.66     

Interest                                                                                                                                                    3.71

Disbursements                                                                                                                              31,109.58

Cash on Hand July 1, 2018                                                                                                        




Motion by Maslanka, supported by Leoni to approve Liquor License for St. Nicks Pub. Motion Carried.  All Ayes.


Motion by Maslanka, supported by Leoni to issue Operator License to Erikka Tibaldo.  Motion Carried. All Ayes.


Discussion was  held regarding the severe storm which affected several residents’ homes due to sewage backup.  There was much discussion from residents who were affected and also other concerned citizens. (Full transcript available at the Clerk’s office) The Mayor spoke for the Council and himself recommending an Advisory Committee be formed, and to check to see if any of the troubled areas are a liability issue. Two residents would like insurance claims resubmitted.


Ross and Aiden Leinon came to the Council requesting erecting a Basketball pole be erected in the Ohio Street Park.  They have received several donations and persons volunteering to help with the project but are asking the City for $3,000  for the project which includes a 1,500.00 pole, backboard and nets.  Motion by Levra, supported by Leoni to allocated $3,100.00 for a hoop and other materials.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes.


Aaaron Bender came to the Council requesting use of the baseball field near City Hall for all upper level teams. There would be several age groups involved.  There will be some work required to make the diamond acceptable.


Motion by Maslanka, supported by Leoni to Adopt Resolution 06122018, Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes.







Steve Schurtter-would like the blight issues addressed.

Stan Mrozinski-Why even send blight letters? Nothing is ever done.

Malieah Cummings-Would like to see Recycling back in the City

Paul Jahnson-concerns as to when the City Crew Flushes hydrants, water is coming into his yard.

Dale Wicklund-There are grants available for Parks.



Maslanka-Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting. This is everyone’s city.

Leoni-would like to see insurance claims resubmitted



Apology to anyone who has had sewer issues


Motion by Leoni, supported Maslanka to adjourn meeting.


Respectfully submitted by,



Susan Lesky









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