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Jun 11, 2019




                                                        Regular City Council Meeting Held


                                                                       June 11, 2019


In attendance: John Kangas, Marie Swartz, Steve Schurtter, Peg Sutherland, Joe Leoni, Mark Haeger, Dale Wicklund, Steve Fiene, Tom LaVenture


Meeting called to order at 5:30 P.M. by Mayor Erik Guenard.


 Roll Call: Berglund-Present,  Levra- Present, Thomas-Present, Swartz-Present.


It was attested by the Clerk that the Agenda had been posted at the City Hall, Montreal and Gile Post Office, the two local radio stations, Iron County Miner, City Website.  


Motion by Swartz, supported by Thomas to approve the Agenda as written. Motion Carried. All Ayes.


Motion by Thomas, supported by Levra to approve the Minutes for the Regular Monthly Meeting of May 14, 2019.   Motion Carried.  All Ayes.


Motion by Swartz, supported by Thomas to approve the May Financial Statement and bills written for June.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes



                                                                       General Account





Cash on Hand May 1, 2019                                                                                                        127,494.29 Receipts                                                                                                                                           21,948.20

Interest                                                                                                                                                     5.03

Disbursements                                                                                                                               31,941.99

Cash on Hand June 1, 2019                                                                                                        117,505.53










Motion by Thomas, supported by Levra to adopt Resolution 61119, CMAR. Motion Carried. All Ayes.


Discussion was had regarding the sale of Lots on Washington Street. There were questions regarding the original design which there were out lots added and not intended to be sold, what is a lot worth, building a home on said lots vs. selling for just the property. This item will be tabled until a market evaluation is done to determine which lots are sellable.


Motion by Thomas, supported by Berglund to give a donation of $100.00 to the Paavo Nurmi Marathon.  Motion Carried. All Ayes.


Discussion was held regarding drains in the field tied to the Sanitary System.  Green Bay Pipe and TV televised and were unable to free blockage in pipe to the river.

There is an ordinance for sump pumps which will be enforced in the future.


An update was given on the water system, Howard Brothers will be changing the T after we run a test with Hurley regarding them supplying water on our end.

There was discussion on putting a mixer in the tower, selling Hurley water, Rehabbing Well #5, Repairing well #3, developing a plan as there are items from the CMAR that need to be fulfilled. The City will need to get bids on all of the issues within the water system which are anticipated to be around $110,000.00


Motion by Thomas, supported by Levra to conditionally approve Liquor Licenses to Full Throttle and Burgers Bar when any delinquent bills have been brought up to date.  Motion Carried.  All Ayes.


Motion by Thomas, supported by Berglund to approve funds for materials to fix the roof at the Park near City Hall with Dale Wicklund and Cookie Laguna to do the work.  Motion Carried. All Ayes.


CORRESPONDENCE-Beacon Ambulance will increase their contract by 2%.



Peg Sutherland- Inconsistencies in Garbage pickup times with it sometimes not being picked up at all.

Water break at home by the flowage.

John Kangas-status on Montreal School?

Dale Wicklund-The City needs to look at road restrictions in the future.




Thomas-weeds all over the Gile Park.

The pothole on the main street of Gile has been fixed.

Swartz-questions on the fire hydrant on Trimble Hill.

Questions regarding the Ordinance to put up the no parking signs in Gile.

Berglund-We need to put road work out for bids. (Highway Committee meeting has been set for Tuesday June 18 at 5:30 PM)


MAYOR COMMENT-The hydrant by Minnesota Ave. will be replaced.


Roll Call Vote to go into Closed Session Pursuant to 19.85 (1) (c ) to consider employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any Public Employee which the Governmental Body has jurisdiction or Exercise Responsibility. Levra-yes, Berglund-yes, Thomas-yes, Swartz-yes.


Roll Call Vote to go back into Open Session and take action if necessary on issues discussed in Closed Session. Levra-yes, Berglund-yes, Thomas-yes, Swartz-yes.


Motion by Berglund, supported by Thomas to hire Preston Gardner as summer help for the City at $10.00 per hour. Motion Carried.  All Ayes.


Motion by Berglund, supported by Swartz to adjourn meeting.


Respectfully submitted by,



Susan Lesky









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