Sep 10, 2019
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Ashland to Ironwood Transmission Line Relocation Project
Aug 27, 2019
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Garbage and Recycling

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1. When is garbage pick-up?

Every Thursday.


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1. Where do I pay my property taxes?

At the Treasurer’s office in City Hall.

2. Does the City accept credit cards?

No, cash or check only.

Dog Licensing

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1. Where do I get a dog license?

At the Clerk’s office in City Hall.

Water/Sewer Utility Billing

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1. How often will I get a Water/Sewer Utility Bill?

Water/Sewer Billing is quarterly.

2. Where do I pay my property taxes and water/sewer utility bill?

At the City Hall 54 Wisconsin Ave. Montreal, WI 54550

Building Permits

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1. When do I need a building permit?

Building permits are required in Montreal and Gile any time you are Making Improvemements, Remodeling An Existing Structure & New Construction. (This includes roofs, windows and interior remodeling.

2. Where should I put the permit once I receive it?

Place the permit in a weather safe area where it can be seen from the front street. A good example is a window. The permit should be displayed until the project is completed.

3. When do I need to call diggers hotline and have utilities located?

Any time you break the ground. With ground movement and freezing temperatures, lines, cables and utilities can move. Always better to be safe. Digging without a locate can be expensive. If you damage utility lines and a locate was not done, you are responsible for paying for the repair.